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Hosted or In-House

Access Intertec FlexiTime on our hosted internet service (in the Cloud) or install in-house on your own server. With our fully hosted option, you can be running Intertec FlexiTime almost immediately after registering online. If you choose to run Intertec FlexiTime In-House, our install program does all the hard work for you.


Multiple Leave Types

Record, track and manage Flexitime, Banked Hours and Time-Off-In-Lieu (TOIL).

Intertec FlexiTime makes it easy for staff to manage their flexitime hours. Staff simply record their daily working hours using the standard time entry screen and the Intertec FlexiTime engine takes care of the rest displaying day-by-day and period running balances.

Mondaine-Clock-1024x1024Flexitime: Flextime (or Credit Hours) involves calculating time that staff can accumulate in excess of agreed work hours and which then can be exchanged for the equivalent amount of time off. The number of Flexitime hours a staff has available is accumulated daily based on actual working hours less the number of hours they are expected to work.

Banked Hours: Staff who have accumulated Flexitime at the end of a period, can, at the discretion of their manager, bank some or all of these hours. A staff member can request that additional hours be banked at the time they complete their timesheet; the banking will only occur once their manager has approved the timesheet.

Time-Off-In-Lieu (TOIL): In TOIL, staff can be given an amount of time off for extra hours worked. TOIL is different from Flexitime because the allocation and consumption of allocated hours is pre-arranged for a time convenient for the staff and their manager. TOIL can also be recorded at different rate (eg. standard time, time and a half and double time).

Streamline Administration

Intertec FlexiTime makes managing accumulated leave a breeze:

  • adminTimesheet Authorisation: Intertec FlexiTime’s timesheet authorisation process is highly configurable. Timesheet data, including Accumulated Leave information, is visible to management at each step of the authorisation process. This makes it easy for authorisers to process timesheets and, if required, act on any apparent discrepancies.
  • Flexitime Reporting: Managers and administrators can report on staff accumulated leave history and flexitime data. Report data can also be exported into comma separated format (CSV) file format for use with external software such of Microsoft Excel.
  • Add Leave Transactions: Administrators can manually create staff leave transactions. This is very useful when creating an initial credit number of hours from a previous employer, or where an adjustment is required to a period where timesheets have been locked.
  • Audit Trail: Administrators can view an audit trail of all accumulated leave transactions per staff member. All authorised Flexitime, Banked Hours and TOIL amounts are reported including any manual adjustments.

Flexible Configuration

There are over 60 configuration settings so you can tailor Intertec FlexiTime for your business. Here are some examples of settings you can configure to control and manage how staff accumulate and consume Flexitime, Banked Hours and TOIL.

  • pignonRename Leave Types to suit your organisation and assign project/task combinations for the accumulation and consumption of Leave Types.
  • Set maximum and minimum thresholds for accumulating Flexitime, Banked Hours and TOIL hours.
  • Set the maximum number of work hours per day, per staff member that will contribute towards Flexitime.
  • Set the earliest and latest start/finish time each day at which a staff member can start/stop to contribute towards Flexitime.
  • Set a standard (default) agreed number of hours that any staff member is required to work. This can be overridden/adjusted for individual staff members (e.g. where a full-time staff member works part-time for a set period, say three months)
  • Include or exclude individual staff members from Flexitime, Banked Hours and TOIL calculations and processing.


Print & Email Timesheets

Need hard copy timesheets? Intertec FlexiTime Batch Print feature lets you generate all or selected staff timesheets for a nominated period, complete with electronic signatures, if enabled. Timesheets can also be badged with your organisation’s logo and details (consulting fees apply).


Timesheet Authorisation

Let customers and managers review and authorise staff timesheets via email.



Range of essential reports including staff summary hours, staff cost by week and printing of electronic timesheets. If you have a specific reporting requirement not catered for then we can build it for you and make it instantly available as a Custom Report.


Detailed Drill-Downs

Need further detail about data presented on a screen or report? Simply click the drill-down function to view all time and cost records associated with the screen or report item.


Modern Web Technology

Intertec FlexiTime has been developed using Microsoft’s® IIS, ASP, .NET and SQL Server database technologies. This means that our product is stable, reliable, secure and scalable.

Microsoft’s® IIS



SQL Server

Support & Upgrades

Get product support when you need it, full technical support is available to Intertec FlexiTime customers and prospects – when you call you will speak directly to a local-based professional support technician. All our plans include support and version upgrades.


Security & Backup

Intertec FlexiTime’s secure authentication ensures that timesheets can only be accessed by administrators with a secure username and password. Additionally, our Intertec FlexiTime application is protected with the latest in SSL security – business identity authentication and strong 256-bit encryption with a 2048-bit root  – technical terminology giving you peace of mind that the application is communicating securely over the Internet. The data is backed up continuously, and to tape every 24 hours. Furthermore, backup tapes are rotated off-site to storage basis every week. If you require a backup restored, just give us a call (additional fees for restoring data may apply)


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